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  Directional Antenna

proposes a countermeasure using directional antennas. We present a ... Section 4 introduces directional antennas and describes the antenna model we use.
Technical Data Sheet. Directional Antennas. High-Performance Directional Antennas. Site Master™, Cell Master™, Spectrum Master™, and BTS Master™.
Outdoor 5GHz single- band 17 degree directional antenna with 18dBi gain. The AH-ACC-170-ANT-18 is an outdoor single-band (5GHz) antenna with 18dBi ...
signal to and from the access point in the direction the antenna is pointing. Focusing ...Application cases for a directional antenna include RF coverage down a ...
The AirMagnet Directional Antenna will enhance the RF detection and capabilities of the AirMagnet Analyzers in a single direction helping narrow down the ...
on top of MDA, a MAC protocol for directional antennas and have compared its ... the DSR protocol over both omni-directional and directional antenna models.
Passive directional antennas, mobile devices, orientation estima- tion, smartphone ...directional antenna, one or more directional antennas, and an antenna ...
Networks Using Directional Antennas. Su Yi ... Capacity, Ad hoc networks, Directional antenna. 1. ... ever, with directional antennas, more than one pair of nodes.
This project involves the designing, building, and testing of a highly directional antenna that can be manufactured cheaply and be sold at a price that would be ...
Omni directional antennas have a radiation pattern that is donut shaped with the ... Figure 1: Radiation pattern of an omni directional antenna such as a dipole ...
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